Back Tracking

So I have realized that waiting to write about what's going on is a lot harder than i remember! I can barely remember what we did for memorial day. Cisco was scheduled to work which was no fun but afterwords we went to my moms house for dinner. We had pasta salad and Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I have this obsession with pasta salads lately and crave them everyday. Im constantly searching the web for new pasta salad recipes even though i never end up making them. That's how it usually goes with new recipes i want to try. Anyways after dinner we had a badminton tournament which was a lot of fun. Here are some fun pictures of us in action and here is how the tournament went down:
Dad in action. Apparently after all these years he is still has all his badminton moves. He also made sure we played according to all the rules. who knew there were so many?

This is my favorite picture. My dad is demonstrating great form for the underhand serve while Cisco is demonstrating a different pose.
Erin was very into the game and took a few dives. This is her getting up from a very valiant leap for the birdie... and Nicole laughing at her.Cisco and I played against Nicole and Erin in the first round of games. Nicole & Erin won 2 out of the 3 games we played so they went on to play my dad and Cisco. Of course my dad is good and likes to take the skilled shots like spiking the birdie so him and Cisco were the winners of that round of games. It was a great memorial day!
The next morning i woke up and thought i had slept weird because my side hurt really bad. I told Cisco and showed him where it hurt and he said it was probably from badminton. I thought that was unlikely but when i reached up and made a swinging-my-racket-motion, i felt the pain in that exact spot. So i didn't sleep weird, i just played badminton harder than i probably should have and woke up very sore the next day! i don't know if i have ever been sore from badminton. I think that means i need to work out a little more. Maybe badminton is more rigerous than it used to be.


Janice said...

great photos!

The McKinleys said...

I LOVE BADMINTON!!!! we should totally get together and have a little tournie :) we'd love that. i'm not sure how my badminton skills are now that i'm pregnant, but they used to be out-of-this-world! haha. i miss you michelley. once i'm done with finals we should actually do something for once!!

Nicole said...

Michelle!! Your blog is so cute! I just saw it on Michelle's blog. I hope everything is going well for you! Congrats on getting married!