So my dear sweet Cisco has had many funny nicknames throughout our dating/married life. Some of them have been Crisco, Frisco, Fernando (when we were very first dating), anyways you get the idea. Well Cisco got a new job at APX Alarm working in scheduling and it is so much better than where he was before. He came home with a new nick name though. They printed their new ID badges and I don't know who was in charge of making them but someone was careless enough to misspell his name so his ID badge says FRANCUSCO. I thought it was pretty funny and although they have told him they will get him a new ID, it has been 2 weeks and for 2 weeks he has been walking around as francusco.
This job came just in time! The place he was working at before was getting shadier by the minute and there was always some new problem. First they lowered commission payments, then they eliminated commission, then added it back, then half of his checks were just missing commission all together and he had to go to get it fixed. It was a hassle. They also changed from working with continuing education to selling something that no one knew anything about. He got offered a job at APX and was so glad to get out of there! He works in scheduling so he doesn't have to sell he just talks to technicians and customers who need someone to fix their alarm system. He is working close to 40 hours a week during the summer which means some long days where i don't get to see him till 9 at night but it is a good job. His schedule is different every day which is a little confusing but overall it is a good job and good pay so we are happy!

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Ha ha way to go APX! I bet Cisco is happy being done with his "previous employer" whoever that might have been... :) Yay for new jobs! I miss you! -just sayin. Oh and you know I could totally do the limbo with a watermelon belly, it just might knock me flat and send me into labor! But I could do it! haha (especially since doing it just the other night made me sick as a dog and have headaches the rest of forever!)