A Real Birthday

This year i celebrated my birthday with Real Salt Lake and it was a fabulous birthday. I woke up to a decorated living room. Cisco had hung purple streamers from the ceiling and put balloons all over. He woke up early to do this while I was sleeping and I had no idea. It was a fun surprise. Cisco knew birthdays were a big deal to me so this was fun to come out to.

I went to breakfast with Nicole, Erin, and Lindsey at the Blue Lemon Bistro. It is a new Bistro out in Alpine and they serve an all you can eat breakfast on Saturday mornings. It was so good! (a bit pricey but worth it). My favorite was the french toast and the yummy syrup that tasted like an apple-something syrup. Not sure how to describe it. They had french toast and pancakes, bacon and sausage, omlets, pasta salad, fruit, and all sorts of things. I ate a lot! I came home from breakfast and hung out and read my book for an hour or two which is exaclty what i wanted to do. I love reading. Around 4 me and Cisco got ready to go up to the new Nordstrom Rack in Sandy. I had been wanting to go there so Cisco decided to take me shopping. I found a million shoes i liked and wanted to buy but ended up leaving with two new shirts instead. We met LuAnn and Brandon up there and helped them pick out some stuff for their wedding. After an hour of shopping we decided to grab some food at a bakery in the parking lot and got bundled up for the soccer game. We had been deciding if we really wanted to go because it had snowed down in Provo before we left and had been raining all day. As much as i love soccer, sitting in the rain isn't my favorite way to watch a game. (thats what we did last time we went to a game).

It stopped rainging so we decided to go and I was so glad!!! It was such a fun game and one of the best I have ever been to. Real scored 6 (yes 6!!!) goals in the 2nd half of the game. My voice was bad after the game and my throat was so itchy from yelling. Real Salt Lake beat New England Revolution and won the game 6-0. What a fun birthday.
I just have to say that I miss birthdays when you are younger. I loved planning "what should i do for my birthday party this year?" and picking out what cake i wanted. I think my all time favorite cake was my cake that looked like a ladybug. My mom was so creative. Even when you are in High School everyone says happy birthday to you and sings to you and you feel like queen for a day. Birthdays are sort of less exciting as you get older. haha oh well. Although I didn't get to open any dolls or Barbie's I still enjoyed my birthday.
Oh and by the way this was my big 21!!!

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Emily said...

I'm so glad it was fun for you. I know exactly what you mean about how everything changes about birthdays when you are an adult. And I started to be a party pooper, until I decided that a birthday should be different. So we always try to do something we wouldn't normally do.

By the way. I think KC left a message or something on Sunday, but he was supposed to tell you that you Real Simple Magazine subscription should be on the way (if it's not there in the next month or two, let me know). Happy birthday from us! I LOVE that magazine, so I hope you do too.