No nodding off...

I love conference weekend! So this year we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Saturday morning session and Cisco was able to take his dad up the priesthood session. I love being there and hearing the choir in person and seeing the apostles. Although i like to think i get less distracted when i go there, I have discovered this is not true. Most people know i am not a morning person....at all. I was so exhausted from waking up at 6:30 to get ready and get up there in time that i slept through an entire talk. I laid my head on Cisco's shoulder for a moment and was out for a good 15 minutes. I didn't waste time nodding off, I just zonked out in an instant. I didn't even notice I was in the uncomfortable chairs or that my neck was very awkwardly positioned. Being there was really fun and we got to take LuAnn and Brandon with us so we all had a good time. The other reason going up to Salt Lake so early was not a good idea was that when we got home for the second session i was still completely exhausted and slept through half of the session. I was REALLY out. I didn't even move, i woke up in the same position i fell asleep in. I don't want to give anyone the idea that i don't like conference because i absolutely loved this general conference. My mom recorded the Saturday afternoon session so i fully intend on watching the talks there and online. Some of my favorite talks this time were Elder Hollands talk, President Uchtdorf's talk, and President Eyrings talk. I even cried at the conference center during President Eyrings talk.
Cisco and his dad were able to have a good time going up to the conference center for the priesthood session and had fun going to dinner together afterwords. They had a good father-son night out. While Cisco was there I was at the hospital doing my volunteering.

I started my volunteer position at the hospital last week and i have to admit, it is REALLY slow. I am at the main information desk on Saturday nights from 5-8:30ish. I love it and love helping people find the right rooms and stuff...only problem is that the hospital is really empty and slow on Saturday nights. I think i would like it a lot if there were more people. Its not too bad though i just read my book and help the few people that come by. I feel like i should be doing more to really be valuable but i do get to help a few people. I wear a lovely pink jacket and we are called the "pink ladies" which makes me smile. I loved helping when an older man came to ask if there was a "pink lady" that could wheel him up the the 3rd floor to visit his friend.

On a little sadder note...I don't know exactly what I am doing with my career. I didn't get into my Radiology program even though i did everything i could have possibly done. I had a few breakdowns but i am slowly getting over it. Me and Cisco were able to laugh about it and say that now we are both back to square one in deciding what to do with our lives! I still want to do radiology or some sort job in the medical field but we will just have to see what happens! It will all work out in the end. For now we are both just taking the summer off to work and get mentally geared up for fall semester.

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The McKinleys said...

michelley! we had almost identical conference weekend agendas! :) danny and i went to the saturday morning session as well...which was super good, but we were SO tired! and then, after driving home to provo we both crashed halfway through the second session! dang it! BUT all in all it was an amazing weekend! ps. can we please, PLEASE play soon??? :)