Two weeks ago Cisco and I had quite the Saturday. That weekend was full of the best and the worst aspects of life but the whole weekend made me really grateful for the gospel. Saturday the 14th started out with me waking up to go to a funeral with my mom and dad. The funeral was for Tim Dailey (a brother in law to the Payne family). Although the funeral was very sad, it was also a beautiful service and was very comforting. Our prayers are still with the Dailey family as they are going through this time.
After I got back from the funeral and Cisco came home from work we tried to get as much done as we could before we had to get to our next event of the day! Cisco has kept in touch and remained good friends with all those people he used to work with at Bajio. Two weeks before this crazy Saturday he got a call from his friend "Mono" (I later learned his real name is Arturo) called and told Cisco some very exciting news. He told Cisco he was getting married in two weeks... and baptized!!! He then asked Cisco to be the one to baptize him. We were so happy for him. Cisco has been a sincere friend to him and answered any questions he had about the church. Of course the wedding and baptism were all in Spanish so i didn't understand anything that was going on (i really need to work on that) but it was still a nice day. First there was a small wedding ceremony and after Cisco and Mono went to get changed for the baptism.

Cisoc and Mono all dressed in white ready for the big moment!!

I love this picture.

After the baptism we all re-located to a church down the street where the wedding party was going to be. There were decorations and spanish food for everyone. Me and Cisco went with Lindsey and she used her amazing camera skills to document the event. For our wedding present we are trying to get all the pictures into an album for Mono and his new wife! We had a a great time and were so happy for Mono. I will admit i got a little teary eyed a few times during the event.

Me and Cisco being silly as usual.

What a Saturday! To top it off on Sunday i taught my first lesson in Relief Society. It went good but i was a little emotional and really nervous. I think I will like this calling but i get really stressed out planning my lessons to a point where i feel prepared. Thats just me though. On another note, I got a volunteer position at the hospital that i am really excited for. I applied probably 5 months ago and finally got a call about it a few weeks ago. I have had my orientation and training and i will start on Saturday. I will volunteer every Saturday from 5-8:30. I am at the main info desk so i get to be the first person people see. I also will be the only volunteer there so that will be a little scary doing everything on my own the first time. Thats the update on our lives for now!

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Emily said...

What a fun and touching string of events. That will be a lovely wedding gift when it's finished.

Also, congrats on the new volunteer job. Except, I always feel for the front desk people a little because they are always the ones who we come in to and tell them that I am about to puke, so they better let us in fast. Maybe I am just thinking of the ER desk. I'm sure yours will be much more calm.