Sometimes when you think you are right...

So although i am usually right (or so i like to think), a few Sundays ago we had a funny incident where i was very wrong. We were singing the closing hymn in sacrament...to be more accurate Cisco was singing the closing hymn while i was rummaging through my purse. Sometimes Cisco likes to be funny and hum different tunes in my ear so I naturally assumed he was being funny when he started singing "Do sharp stones cut your feet". This time he was singing really loud and i looked at him to "Shh" him. I was laughing and looking around to see if anyone heard him singing these fake words. He was confused and thought i was suggesting he was a bad singer. The funniest part was when the hymn was over i started looking at it and realized he was singing the right words! It was one of those unknown hymns that we rarely sing called Does the Journey Seem Long?. It is a beautiful hymn but i wasn't expecting to hear Cisco singing about stones cutting your feet. I laughed pretty hard about how oblivious i was to the song. Oops.

We also had some changes in our ward last week when they decided to split our Relief Society. The Elders Quorum has always been split but lately our Relief Society had outgrown our little room. With a new relief society came lots of new callings. When the bishop called me in for an
interview i must admit i was terrified they were going to call me as Relief Society president or some major calling that would add more to my insanely busy schedule. Instead i got called to be a Relief Society teacher. I'm still a little terrified. I'm the kind of person that any time i make i comment in class at school or at church, my heart races for a little while. I have taught relief society once and was a complete nervous wreck. I'm praying that i will be able keep my cool long enough to get a lesson out! I teach this upcoming Sunday so i will keep you posted on how that goes.

On a different note, Utah weather is as crazy as ever. Last week no one was wearing coats and Cisco even wore shorts to school. Today I was all decked out with my coat, scarf, and gloves because it was snowing. I was way to ready for spring and this snow was very unwelcome.

We also have been eating some yummy treats around here lately. Cisco got a recip
e for enchiladas from his old boss at Bajio and they were yummy!

We roasted some Tomatillos in the oven till they were nice and soft!

Then we blended the roasted tomatillos with onions, garlic and cilantro. (We don't have a blender so we used our hand blender.)

We were so hungry that i didn't take a picture of them before we dove in so all you get is a picture of our devoured enchiladas. They were delicious and i am definitely a fan!
We also had some yummy spaghetti squash. I found this recipe on allrecipes.com and i like it. It is onions, garlic, tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. I feel healthy eating it and it has a lot of good flavor. I think it would be good with some grilled chicken but i haven't tried it yet. We love trying new food!


Emily said...

KC always sings to the introduction kind of loudly, so he gets shooshed on occasion too. Funny boys.

Those enchiladas look a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I think I need to make some very soon since now my mouth is watering.

Lindsey said...

that's such a funny story! and you will be an amazing relief society teacher. You are so cute.