Valentines Day Tunnel of Love!

I always wanted to go on one of those carnival "tunnel of love" rides. I didn't get to this year but we had some other tunnels. We celebrated valentines day by playing in the snow for the first time and I absolutely loved it. I made my first snow angel, drew a heart in the fresh snow and attempted to make a snowman (unsuccessfully). I mostly played in the snow by myself while Cisco and Casey were hard working at digging a tunnel through the mounds of snow the entire length of the driveway. I was skeptical and afraid the tunnel wouldn't be safe but they did it and it was a very cool tunnel. You can see more about our tunnel adventures on my moms blog if you click here.
This weekend was jam-packed with events. Friday the 13th, Valentines day, Presidents Day, and our 9 month anniversary. We celebrated Friday the 13th by going to Cafe Rio (rather than going out on valentines day in the craziness). We brought it home and rented The Dark Knight and watched it with Casey. Saturday we hung out with family and played in the snow. We came home and watched shows together with our favorite popcorn. It was fun to relax and hang out. Presidents Day we both had to work which brings me to an interesting tangent. Although all of BYU campus was closed for Presidents day, the Church doesn't get that day off. Me and my fellow LDS Philanthropies co-workers came in to a very silent, empty Gordon B. Hinckley building for a long day of work. Anyways back to our weekend! Tuesday was just a fun day because we picked up sushi for dinner and had dinner on the living room floor. I love sushi which was a perfect top to a good weekend.

The builders (and me)
My favorite part is the yellow coat. We didn't have our winter clothes so we improvised and used whatever we could find. Me and Cisco were both pretty stylish.

My snow angel.

My Heart in the snow. It felt necessary since it was Valentines day.

Cisco's snow outfit. Yes that is my moms red coat... and my snow pants (they weren't quite buttoned since i can't even button them myself!)

A little wet. My favorite is Nicole peeking in the background.

The Pile of snow to be tunneled through.

The tunnel! A glimpse of it at least.

Yay for flowers on Valentines day!

Cisco making the perfect popcorn. This was one of our favorite wedding presents (thanks to KC and Emily). And that is Gilmore Girls in the background. Cisco was loving enough to let me watch it with him by my side. That is true love.


Emily said...

Ah, I love first holidays as a married couple. So tender. That tunnel is serious business. My brother has done that in the past with the mass amounts of snow in our yard shoveled from the driveway. I think he slept in it. I'm so glad you like the Whirly Pop. I bought one on your recommendation. We LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

I lalalala love Gilmore Girls. The best was that I was watching it the other day and my husband said, "this is kinda funny" I felt so justified in every way. It was great!