Saving the best for last

So everyone has their funny habits and one of mine is saving the best for last. I know a lot of people do this but i do it for EVERYTHING. For example:
  • Lucky charms-eat the boring cheerios first and save the marshmallows for the end (this one is kind of gross to some people i will admit)
  • Frosted Mini Wheats-save the ones with the most frosting for the last bite
  • Jelly Belly's-i arrange them in order of my least favorite to my favorite
  • Outfits-If i try on a cute outfit i wait to wear it till Friday (which is ironic because i usually see the least amount of people on Fridays)
  • Pills-i take the biggest first and the smallest last
  • twix-i eat all the chocolate and caramel off and save the cookie for last (i got this lovely habit from miss Allison freshman year. thanks!)
  • Dinner-out of habit i always eat my vegetables first then the main course
  • Sushi-I always save my favorite Sushi roll for my last bite
Ok so the list goes on and on. It is mostly with food but it applies to a lot more than that. I laugh at myself quite often. This can cause problems on occasion because Cisco usually finishes eating before me and on a time or two he has stolen my last bite (not knowing that i have been SAVING that bite to be the best). I don't try to do these things it is just a habit i have that i don't even notice half the time.


Lindsey said...

oh my goodness! I do every single one of those things except for jelly bellys cause I hate those. But I do it with skittles haha.

Emily said...

Yeah, KC and I have this conversation all the time. He teases me for doing it, but he does it too.

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

ha ha ha you would! Its ok... I do it too!

εïз L i z a εïз said...

you are so funny! I love reading you.