A magical musical evening

On Saturday night Cisco and I got to go up to Salt Lake with my mom and dad to see the Tabernacle Choir concert and it was AMAZING!! I thought it was completely magical. I cried during one of the first songs, then i was laughing during a few of them, then back to tears! The guest singer was Brian Stokes Mitchell and he was quite the singer. His singing was like a play all in itself, he was very animated and had a huge range.
The other special guest that evening was Edward Hermann. He did some amazing readings (that is what brought me and my mom to tears). Me and Cisco were amazed to see him on the program because lately i have been watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and he plays the grandfather Richard Gilmore so that was weird to suddenly be in the same room as him.
Seeing the whole concert made me wish i was a talented singer or dancer or could play an instrument just so i could claim having a part in such an amazing production! even if i could just say i was the decorator who made all the decorations look fabulous. Maybe i will work on my story telling voice and become a great narrator. One day. We loved the concert and luckily we made it home safe since that was the first day this December that we finally got snow!
Sunday was also the annual Christmas cookie exchange and of course we had a major sugar overload and got SO MANY cookies to take home. So much for avoiding sugar!

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Don't you love being overwhelmed by other people gifts and talents? Its the most wonderful and almost frustrating experience ever... because I too would love to be THAT kind of talented! I guess we all have our own gifts to bring, some of us just have to search a little harder to find them ;)