I'm cheap

I have discovered i have a problem. What girl in their right mind doesn't spend money on clothes when it is GIVEN to them?? me. I got 6 gift certificates to the university mall for my birthday (last April keep in mind) and i still have like $40 left over! i realize this is very weird. I'm a saver. i like to save money and stretch it out as far as i can. I spent a ton and felt like i got everything i wanted in the summer and would spend the rest on a winter wardrobe. well i read last night that they are supposed to expire 90 days after they are given so i am on my way the mall hoping and praying that my money is still valid. i think i will cry a little if i cant spend that money. i can admit my problem...I am cheap.

some other things that have gone on this week: Cisco is a single man. When we were looking for wedding rings for Cisco, he wanted a square wedding ring. We went to all sorts of stores and none of them had what he was looking for. We walked into this little jewelery shop across the street from the creamery on 9th (i know you all have seen it). They had a square tungsten ring in a catalog that was exactly what Cisco was looking for. I bought the ring but it all went downhill from there. For some reason the ring started looking darker and scratched and cheap (even though it definitely was not). we figured it was the brushed finish so we took it to them and they gladly redid the ring. 2 weeks later and it looked just as bad again!! i was so frustrated. finally the first week of november we went for try number 3. they said they would work with us as many times as it took till the ring was perfect. they gave us a loner ring while they redid the other one. every week when we called for the past 5 weeks and they would say "it will be done next week" but it never was.
Finally Cisco went in yesterday because they said it would be done on Wednesday and when he got there, no ring! the owner called his ring maker and Cisco couldn't believe what he heard on the phone (it was on speaker phone). the guy was like "how can you expect me to get that ring made when you got it to me 2 days ago?" As soon as Cisco looked at the guy to ask if he was serious, the guy blew up. he went off of how he was sick of dealing with us!! he said he didn't want to deal with us anymore and was just going to give us our money back. I can't believe how rude he was. he had been so nice willing to work with us for giving us a defect ring. so now Cisco has no wedding ring and i went today to pick up our refund check. back to square one. I thought the customer was always right?
To add to the funny story, another girl was there picking up a custom CTR ring for her husband and it was her 3rd time because they had messed it up so many times. maybe others of you will have better luck if you ever go to this place but i must warn you to beware!!

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Emily said...

You and me sis. I'm a cheap-o myself. I can't, simply cannot, buy something when I know it will go on sale soon or I could get it cheaper somewhere else. It's a blessing and a curse.

And whoa! That ring guy has some problems. I guess he is so used to seeing young married couples due to his locations, he thinks it's easy to dupe them. What a dummy. Good luck finding the right ring.