19 straight hours of thanksgiving goodness

Thanksgiving was such a fun day! SOO long but it was worth it. This was my first thanksgiving where i woke up and started cooking. It felt perfect as the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade was on in the background. My day started at 8:30 in the morning and although that may not sound early to most of you, for me that is quite a feat. I made the standard pretzel jello and two pumpkin pie's. I think i called Nicole every 10 minutes with some new question about cooking but i learned a lot and i must say everything turned out great.
My first learning experience with pretzel jello:
So apparently if you don't stir the jello enough and make sure all of the gelatin is really dissolved in the hot water it wont work!! i had to learn this the hard way. i follow recipe's very literally so when the recipe says to "add the strawberries, gelatin, and boiling water" i really do put them in a bowl all at once and start stirring. the problem? when the bowl was filled with all the strawberries i couldn't tell if the jello had dissolved or not so i just put it in the fridge waiting for it to "partially gell." it was after talking to my mom when she said it should only take 10 minutes and i realized mine was still pure liquid after an hour that i needed to start over. I went and bought some new boxes of jello and to be safe i stirred it into the boiling water for 4 minutes so it was COMPLETELY dissolved. lesson learned. it turned out great and was a huge hit with Cisco's family.
After cooking and doing a major fall cleaning (i'm talking we even cleaned the baseboards in the bathroom), we went to Cisco's parents house for dinner around 4. Thanksgiving this year was Aravena style. we all had vetoed turkey the week before so we had steak for thanksgiving. it was great dinner and so much fun! After being stuffed from dinner and a major sugar overload we all went to see the new James Bond and none of us were really impressed. i thought it had no plot and was hard to follow. it also made me dizzy and i felt like i was on the front row, even though we were on the back row...but that is another story.
When we finally got home and were exhausted from our very long day, we sat deciding what to do with the rest of our night. we had planned to go to the park city outlets the next day for a little "Black Friday" sale shopping. it was about 10:30 when i got a call from Nicole with the news that would extend our thanksgiving day at least 5 more hours. she called and said, "so the outlets open tonight at midnight......and we are going." after a few minutes of consideration we decided to go and live it up! it was great fun and we loved that everything in Banana Republic was 50% off!! the outlets were a zoo. luckily we beat most of the rush. me and Nicole had to sneak into the car while we waited for our hubby's to finish shopping (sounds a little backwards) because if a car saw you getting in your car they would wait for your spot which was extremely annoying. we got most of our Christmas gifts and by the time we were done we were TRULY exhausted. we got home around 2:30 am and we were extremely ready for bed.
that was our long thanksgiving day!!
the day after thanksgiving we put up our tree (which has to put together branch by branch) and put lights on my parents house all day! I think this post is long enough so i will save the rest of my holiday stories for another day coming soon!


The McKinleys said...

michelley! what a fun thanksgiving! i totally agree with you though...the new bond movie was definitely a huge disappointment. way too much action for one movie in my opinion! anyways, love you girlie! we need to play...soon!

Emily said...

Oh I hate food woes. Especially on important days like Thanksgiving. But now you know how to do it for all the Thanksgivings to come. It all looks so good. I'm glad you are having fun decorating your apartment. I loved having the pride of being in charge or my own decorations in my own space. Have fun!