Hunting is no fun

Let the hunt begin! Job hunting is no fun and seems like a daunting task. Cisco is looking for a job and it hasn't gone anywhere yet. It has been hard to apply for jobs since he works from 9-5 everyday and the places we are applying at usually close around that time too. He has applied at 3 banks to start out but we haven't heard anything back yet. Although our technology world is great, it actually seems harder now that every application is only online. It takes the personal aspect out and makes it harder to get selected out of a group of applications. It seems like most places don't look at the online applications unless they are desperate. Cisco has been trying to take in a copy of his resume (which now looks very impressive thanks to Camille) to these banks but has had no luck getting there when a manager is there. Lets hope the job opportunities start rolling in soon!

Conference was great and i loved it! A few of my favorites were:
President Uchtdorf (he's becoming a new personal favorite)
Elder Wirthlin
Elder Holland
Elder Cook
You might notice that these all had a similar theme...or maybe that was just me hearing what i wanted to hear. I loved it all though.

By the way I cut my hair around the time school started! I finally had long hair for the first time since i was about 10 years old and i caved in and cut it. I couldn't deal with feeling frumpy and not knowing what to do with my stringy hair.This is the best before picture i can find which doesn't really show how long it was but you get the idea.

This is the only picture we've taken since i got my hair cut so this is the most recent look! I swear its shorten than it looks but again, you get the idea. That is about it for updates on our life!


Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Cute hair! All us marrieds do it! :) I really like it though, I've always liked you with short hair! You guys need to come over sometime and hang out! Good luck with the job hunting!

Anonymous said...

I hope Panchito can find a job soon!
I like your hair! You look really nice. You two are a good looking couple!!

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