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I have been MIA from the blogging world because school has once again consumed our lives. Cisco is working harder than ever working 50 hours a week and going to school in the nights. He is taking Biology, Sociology, and Fitness for life. I'm taking D&C, Physiology, and auditing Spanish!! wahoo!! it is really sad that i am officially the worst Spanish speaker in my class and even more embarrassing when people find out I'm married to a Spanish boy. Haha oh well, I'll learn eventually. Me and Cisco have been busy with school and having studying parties which are no fun at all. This is my second time around taking Physiology and i must say i am not enjoying working so hard again. The first time around i honestly felt like i did the best i could and i got a B. so why am i retaking it? since i am applying to a Radiology program at Weber in January, they told me retaking the class to get a better great would help my chances of getting in. I'm not so sure that is possible but we'll give it a shot. Cisco is also starting the process of job hunting! as much as we love Bajio.......well we don't really love Bajio at all! It is great money but definitely not worth all the work so it is time to move on to bigger and better things. we will let you know how that goes.

The Relief Society general broadcast was last week and i loved it! All of the talks were great. I really liked the talk given by Silvia Allred about temples. I got a little teary eyed during the talk (I tear up over everything these days, just like my mom!) and i felt so grateful for temples. As she was talking I was remembering the feeling of being in the temple and I was thinking of my first time going through the temple. I have never felt anything so powerful as seeing Cisco in the temple and i have never felt to overwhelmed with love for him before. I love remembering those feelings and feeling them again every time we go back.
I also loved President Uchtdorf's talk because it is so true that every one of us struggles with feelings of inadequacy. Lately I've been having all sorts of those feelings as i have been struggling with my health. i hate the feeling that my health is keeping me back from being my best and doing things i want to do so i was grateful for that talk. I am looking forward to General Conference this weekend since i definitely need that boost!

Coming soon: Pictures of our new apartment.

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Emily said...

Good to hear and update. We hope the job hunting goes well. We know Cisco works so hard for you guys. And we are praying that you're health improves. Hope you are enjoying conference. (Don't judge me for blogging during it, it keeps me awake!) We miss you guys.