Relaxing? What is that?

Why are breaks never long enough? I finally feel relaxed again from finishing up summer semester and i have to start school in a few days again! Most of my break was spent putting our house together and all the fun stuff associated with moving. I did get a chance to make a dent in my reading list or 7 books by reading Breaking Dawn (not really sure how i felt about it) but thats about it. Yesterday was an adventure when we put together our Ikea bookcase/entertainment center and it really is funny how cheap Ikea furniture is made. The entire bookcase is held together by inch-long wooden pegs and about 10 screws. Our hands were red and throbbing after we used our bare hands as the hammers to put the 7 foot shelf together. At least it looks pretty in the end.
Do you ever have those days where you cant seem to understand your emotions? This morning me and Cisco went to do a session at the temple and for some reason i couldn't stop crying! They weren't sad tears i just felt like i couldn't keep them in. I kept looking at Cisco and laughing because i had no idea why they were coming out, my eyes just seemed broken. The poor workers in the temple probably thought i was going through some very rough times when i really wasn't at all.

Our apartment is slowly looking like we live here and i am very ready for it to be done. I get overwhelmed when i look at the all the open walls we have and i have no clue how to decorate them but i'm sure slowly i will figure it out. I will post pictures when i am satisfied that my apartment is my home!

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Anonymous said...

Love the car, we are looking to buy a car this month, we too want something small and VERY cheap on gas.

I love to read from you and your new life together, so keep on writing please!! :)