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I am a bad blogger. I promise i have intended to get one and write something interesting but then i remember that nothing interesting really happens in my life. The best thing that happened this week was i got an A on my Stats final! I have never been so anxious to be done with school. I am finally ready to enjoy summer and its over!! not very fair. For my break i have a list of about 8 books i want to read. That includes the entire Harry Potter series which i randomly would like to read again. Stats occupied all my time and i am completely sick of school. too bad i have to go back in 2 weeks! On Friday we moved which was exhausting. we moved all of the big furniture like our bed then on Saturday (while Cisco was at work all day) i finished moving the rest. We like our new apartment and there are only a few down sides to living there. First thing that someone would notice about the apartment is that we have no furniture... minor detail. Besides the kitchen cabinets being very outdated, the only other annoyance is we don't have internet and we haven't figured out how to solve that problem yet. I will post pictures when it has furniture and looks like a home. Yesterday was also our 3 month anniversary! We celebrated by going to breakfast together, yard sale hunting for couches, and taking a 2 hour nap together before he went to work. It was a great anniversary.
So about 2 months ago we bought a car. We bought a Honda Fit and we love it!! it is such a fun zippy little car. It was great when we were moving because all the seats in the back fold completely flat.We love our little car. Thats it for this blog update. One day i will be good at writing more often.

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

What a cute car! Our little Protege 5 does that too, isn't it perfect for moving?!!! I'm back in town so one of these days I wanna come see your place!