We were spoiled with our first apartment and are sad to leave! Not only was our apartment newly remodeled, it was 2 bedrooms, had a washer and dryer, and a dishwasher. The apartment is rented out to 4 single girls in the fall. We could have stayed for the fall and winter for the low price of $1000/month but we figured it wasn't THAT great. I guess we don't really need two bedrooms since the second bedroom is more of a storage/junk room (i didn't dare include pictures of it). This apartment does have its flaws though like some major bumps in the floor and uneven places but we love it anyways.

My favorite part is the mini cupboard that holds our spices and medicine. We also have a huge deep pantry that comes in handy.

Notice our miniature microwave. It only has a turn-timer and you can't change the power level so defrosting food in the microwave doesn't exist.

Im not going to lie, our apartment is not usually this clean. I was just on a cleaning kick and thought it would be a good time to docu
As much as we love our apartment we finally found a new place to live thanks to our friend Lindsey! She set us up on our first date and found us a place to live, talk about a super-friend. Our new apartment will be across the street from Lindsey and although it is considerably smaller than our current place, it is also about $100 cheaper. It is a cute little grandpa and grandma that rent an apartment on the back of their house. I'll put pictures once we move in and get settled in.


Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Yay! I'm so glad you started a blog! I know... EVERYONE and their dog has one but its fun! Your picture is gorgeous! Hey let me know if you need a place for the spring, I know thats kind of hard cuz you'll need a place for fall but it won't be open by then. Keep me posted though :)

Carrie Carlson said...

Cute place!! To bad you have to leave it so soon. :( I won't get to visit it. But, where ever you go, I'll come visiting. so no worries. :) and congratulations on the cleaning! We all remember how much I don't like cleaning... remember cleaning your house that one summer? yikes. :) haha can't wait to see you guys!

Jessie George said...

michelley!! congrats on getting a blog :) it's totally the NEW facebook! so your house looks super cute! i really am going to come visit you one of these days!!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Whoops I didn't even read the end part before I commented :) Yay I'm glad you have a place!

Emily said...

Hooray! I've been waiting for this to come about. I'm so excited to be more involved in your lives. Thanks for informing us. We'll be waiting for more posts.