My brother KC and his wife Emily are looking to adopt a baby. They are the cutest couple and would be the best parents I can possibly imagine. They are so cute and fun with kids. They wrote their very touching story on their blog. For now they are trying to spread the word that they are looking. Read their story here and if anyone happens to meet someone looking to put their baby up for adoption pass the word along to me or Emily.


Emily said...

Thanks Michelle. You are so sweet to include us on your new blog. We can't wait until this all works out and you can finally be an aunt! We love you!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

I read their story the other day. What a hard thing to go through but I guess the Lord has mysterious ways of working. I'll keep my ears open! she may want to talk to Erin McGibbon (staff) They're in the adoption process right now, they may have some answers. Heidi Pestana Just adopted a baby too so she may know some things as well.