Fun is exhausting

Today was a great day! To start the day, Cisco and I got two for one massages at the Utah College of Massage Therapy with a gift certificate i had from my birthday. While we were waiting we even got breakfast at Kneaders.

After that Cisco and I got to go to the pool today (only the second time that has happened this summer) and we had a blast! For some reason it hasn't seemed like summer at all so it is nice when we do things that seem like we finally get to take a break. Our pool of choice was Veterans pool. It was me Nicole and Cisco for the majority of the time and we were later joined by Casey. First of all we LOVED Veterans pool. I have forgotten how much fun those slides were. We all probably went down them at least 30 times. The first few times I came out of the slide breathing hard from screaming and laughing so hard. We had a routine of going on the slides a few times, playing in the kiddie pool and shooting people with water, and ending with the "big kid" pool. I felt like i was 8 again and we didn't stop moving. We did cartwheels in the water (which is very entertaining to watch), and even attempted a few tea parties. The best part was the fact that we had perfected riding the slides in pairs and even switching places as we went down.

I feel like a kid who went to the pool all day long. My eyes hurt from the chlorine and I even got water up my nose a few times from laughing when i came out of the slide. After our non-stop pool madness i realized i am not a kid anymore and now i am exhausted. I feel like i have a ton of bricks attached to each of my legs and i came home and slept for over an hour. Cisco then had to go straight to work after our fun which was no fun at all. Thats it for our day and i am convinced that fun truly is exhausting.

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Kate and Peter Lowe said...

I agree! It is a blast getting to play with your hubby but wow you get worn out fast! We've done the same thing where we've played at the pool and then just crashed! When does veterans pool close? I want to go, that sounds so fun!